METALHEAD is Arizona’s Original and Longest Running Hair Band Rock Show!  We’ve been rocking audiences since 2003 and we ain’t about to stop any time soon!

(Leo, likes the roar of the crowd , the taste of hard liquor & the smell of a new leather jacket )
Lucky entered the world naked & screaming, & soon found out that life doesn’t have to change much if you play your cards right!! Destined to convert the world to MH fans one show at a time, Lucky claims to have coined both the now famous “METAL-HEAD” chant and the phrase “dude, that’s not cool, dude”. Cum on feel the Lucky !!

Little known fact: Lucky’s addicted to Starbucks (caffeine rocks!)

This thunderous bassist & part time spokesman for the band (usually while Lucky’s taking a drink) keeps the bottom full & the women screaming. He enjoys general headbanging & coming up with new uses for mayonnaise.

Little known fact: Steel loves to cook.

6’1″, 128 pounds (soaking wet, holding a bowling ball), the youngest headbanger in the MH crew started honing his massive guitar sound (and obsession with aqua-net) when he received a Flying V and a Randy Rhoads poster for his 6th birthday (yes, his parents are that cool). Refusing to cut his hair until Sabbath reunited, he embarked on his lifelong pursuit of that “magic metal tone.”

Little known fact: Frizzy’s fingers can actually break the sound barrier. By the time you hear the solo, he’s already ordering a Fireball shot from the bar. *minds = blown*

It should be enough to hit things with sticks for a living, but Tommi also sings many of the high background vocals! He often joins in busting on bandmates w/ Steel to lend some balance to the verbal assault, & officially holds the Guinness Book record for “loudest drummer still alive”. Let’s put it thusly; it takes a big man to wear pink Spandex pants at every show…

Little known fact: Tommi has no little known fact.

One thought on “The Band

  1. Guys, I saw you a Ak-chin casino… loved it…I’m 65 and was a drummer for years and could never get the drumming down for “Hot for Teacher”…Tommi, man you rock!, Hope to see you again soon! Rock on!

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